Worked on this for a while. Pretty much just started it to see what black eyes would look like. Probably overreached with the background and such (cropped out here). 

Finishing this would take effort and time that I do not have or cannot spare.

Do you see?

Cats are cats that cat around like cats. Cats, you see?

Amy Pond~

Best thing about drawing gingers, is obviously drawing their lovely red hair  

No background as of yet. Probably not good enough to draw it to be honest (~"=")~

March 16th Practice Painting

Practicing again, while staring at Karen Gillan, again :U Doesn't look anything like her, but oh well

March 11th 2013

Messed around with Artrage while staring at Karen Gillan's photo 

Adobe on "Free" CS2

Free photoshop? I guess not. They really know how to make users stop pirating huh.